Slow-Cooker, Quick Clean

Gordon Ramsey would be proud, well, maybe not proud but at least he wouldn’t yell at you for over-salting the sauce. The kitchen is your artistic playground. A place where flavours and inspiration come together to not only nourish but enlighten. A family comes together over dinner and a truly inspired cook can ignite an evening of laughter and love. Once the final course has been served, make short work of the pile of dishes using Ecologik’s super concentrated line of kitchen cleanup products, an inspired cook always keeps a spotless kitchen so we formulated our products to make that part of the night as painless as possible. An exquisite meal takes patience and time, cleaning up shouldn’t. 

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Gym Fresh

Confidence at the gym and at work go hand in hand, feeling fresh and clean can be a motivator on its own to work hard and get results. Those nice white steaks on Dad’s gym clothes are from natural oils and salts and will eventually eat away at his favorite cotton shirt. Ecologik’s super-concentrated Athletic Detergent will gently remove those stains and any other oils or salts trapped in the fibers of the clothing. Natural Enzymes mix with oxygen to gently but effectively neutralize and remove any of that hard earned treadmill sweat. Best of all it's hypoallergenic so you can sneeze less and lift more. Less work cleaning, more time for the gym.

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KIDS GONE WILD:Cute stains

Kids bring colour to everything in your life. Stains look cute on them but still need to be washed out.Place stain face down on clean cloth. Pat down the stain with our Stain Remover. Then rinse and launder with either Ecologik all water temperaturex10 Laundry Detergent or x20 Laundry Liquid. Try repeating this process multiple times if stain does not come out after the first attempt. It should come out after the second attempt!

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Farm to Table – Clean eating, Clean home

Sunday Farmer’s market trips are a summer ritual. What is better than a bounty of fresh, local food to sustain and empower a growing family? Vine fresh locally grown tomatoes, succulent organic mushrooms, and dark leafy green spinach come together to form the perfect sauce for the perfect family meal. You take care selecting the very best for your family so that they have every chance to grow up strong, happy and healthy. Selecting cleaning products that are biodegradable means that all that time spent cooking homegrown healthy meals isn’t undone by harmful and harsh cleaners. Conscious decisions to do the best for your family almost always start in the kitchen so keep it clean with Ecologik’s safe and biodegradable Kitchen line. 

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Spring Renewal

Spring is a time of life, of health, of renewal, and of new commitments. Jogging by the river, eating fresh garden produce and great evenings spent by campfires are all great for the body and for the soul. Fresh air re-energizes our winter weary bodies and drives us to tackle all those things that have laid dormant since the fall. It’s a new start, a refresh if you will, and when those long summer days take a toll on your wardrobe, refresh that with Ecologik’s Athletic Deodourizer, it’s hypoallergenic, 99.9% natural and will keep you smelling fresh no matter where the summer takes you. Breath easy and get out there into that wide world. 

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There is a huge demand for unscented and dye free products and we’re excited that this is a core part of our brand. Ecologik does not have allergenic ingredients such as dyes or formaldehyde (a common preservative). Even those sensitive to other common products should feel at ease using ours. However, if you are highly sensitive, as always, just try out small amounts of your purchased product to see if you react to it.

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Dog-gone wild

Rover loves to run, and swim, and roll in the mud from time to time. Pets can complete a family and their off-beat antics are often the focal point of a great family gathering. They are our comedians, our confidants, and our closest companions and we wouldn’t trade the world for them, even when they decide that a muddy puddle is a great place for an impromptu bath. Despite Rover’s new pungent aroma, we still love him. Next time the smell of wet-dog fills your home with a lesser than fresh aroma reach for a bottle of Ecologik’s x2 Air + Fabric Refresher and your home will smell fresher than ever, even if Rover is still rolling in the mud out back. 

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EARTH SAVERS: Green environment

It means contributing towards maintaining the natural ecological balance in the environment, and preserving the planet and its natural systems and resources. It also means taking steps, whether big or small, to minimize the harm you do to the environment, as a result of inhabiting this planet. Here at Ecologik, we take the small but necessary steps to ensure a greener planet through utilizing 100% biodegradable materials for all of our products and by saving packaging from getting dumped into the landfill. And not only that, 3 of our x10 products come with a refill bottle- x10 Glass+Multisurface cleaner, x10 Kitchen Cleaner and x10 Daily Shower Cleaner. You could make 10 refill bottles out of one single bottle with these products and not only save 30 bottles from the landfill, but also get a product that costs you less than a $/bottle!

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Turn OFF your computer overnight. How many people do you know leave their computers on all night long and all day? Probably quite a few. When they’re on for that long, they use up a lot of energy. Take the step to shut them off when not in use and save yourself money and energy.

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