In a small basement, in 1991, Bob Behari began formulating our first generation of green cleaning chemistry. What started off as one man’s dream, quickly got Canadians excited about a more sustainable approach to high performance cleaning. In 1992, the first Soap Exchange opened up in Saskatoon’s Market Mall. The eco-initiative swelled to several stores across Canada. Overtime, the Soap Exchange business has evolved, and we are ready to present the latest upgrade in our brand, Ecologik.

Ecologik is a line of SUPER CONCENTRATED cleaning chemistry that leads to UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE while saving SERIOUS DOLLARS and HOURS OF TIME. Drawing on our loyal customer base, we dug into over 25 years of relationships to understand the future of cleaning. Now, more than ever, consumers want to know what’s in their NATURAL products, what’s not, and that’s why we follow a commitment:FULL DISCLOSURE of our ingredients. We’re proud to promote a local brand, with a story that’s concentrated on results and honesty. Celebrate world class with Ecologik and feel proud!

Mar 2016

Ecologik launches

Feb 2016

Research Project with Saskatchewan Research Council

Sep 2015

First prototype samples tested by consumers

Mar 2015

Comprehensive research begins in collaboration with loyal customers

Mar 1993

Soap Exchange expands to the WESt Coast (pictures of Barry & Wes)

Mar 1992

Opening of the first Soap Exchange

Feb 1977

Bob boards a flight to Canada