Our team

Bob Behari - President

Bob dares to dream big. Over 28 years ago, he knew that the world deserved a more sustainable approach to cleaning – using better ingredients, packaging, and service. From a one man army, to the leader of a multinational organization, his vision remains the same. Bob is a larger than life personality, with a smile and handshake to match.


Rohit Banota - Chief Marketing Guru

Rohit is a passionate story teller which reflects in his leadership, understanding and drive for business, strategy, marketing and sales. He is a big match player who is fascinated by taking on the Goliaths and teaching them more than just a lesson! He lives by the mantra of being of exceptional value in any relationship, personal or professional. Music, especially rock, along with soccer are his favourite pastimes. You would often see him narrating a scene from one of his favourite movies with the minutest of details coming alive in that moment!


Raj Behari - Brand Ninja

Behind his calm gaze, Raj has a creative fire raging inside of him. He draws his inspiration from nature and uses it to deepen an appreciation for the wild. Inquisitive from the get go, his exploration of business, science, and nature are well underway – but far from being over. Raj loves music, photography, and Mexican food


"We came, we saw, we cleaned."

The Ecologik dream team is exceptionally formulated with clever phD scientists, veteran business managers, passionate strategists, hungry artists, methodical engineers and deep local talent. Together, we manufacture inspired products designed to be an inspiration for a cleaner future of healthier homes. In manufacturing lines, performance labs, business offices, classrooms, and coffee rooms, we use over 40,000 sq. ft. to make the magic happen. In the heart of the prairies, we celebrate the world's best cleaning chemistries to make Canada proud.

We look forward to growing our team and thank all of our amazing partners!